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Most Recent Articles:
  • No Photo Book Review: 101 Secrets to Achieving RID Nigeria Dream    By: Richard Imhoagene

    First time I read the book, I was angry at the author's audacity, irritated by his guts, and bewildered by his sense of authority. Who does he think he is? I thought. Now I know better. James Alex Adekunle is the conveyor and founder of Rivers in the Desert (RID) Nigeria; a graduate of Mass Communication from Joseph Ayo Babalola University (JABU). In this work, he reveals Nigeria in its barest form, bluntly unveiling its challenges and emphatically tells us how to surmount them. I was challenged and decided to do a review. >> Category: Others
  • Author Photo Positive News the Need of the Hour    By: R. Devan

    this is all about the requirement of positive news and starting more positive news newspapers >> Category: Others
  • Author Photo What is Life    By: R. Devan

    author expresses his views about life and how clear knowledge and views can help us live better >> Category: Others
  • No Photo Teaching the Literary Elements of Narrative Stories: Part One    By: Timothy G. Weih

    Beginning with the stories that all students have in their lives for teaching literacy promotes the idea to students that their lives are important, have meaning, and can be background knowledge for learning language in the elementary classroom (Part 1 of a 2 part article). >> Category: Others
  • No Photo Teaching the Literary Elements of Narrative Stories-Part 1    By: Timothy G. Weih

    Beginning with the stories that all students have in their lives for teaching literacy promotes the idea to students that their lives are important, have meaning, and can be background knowledge for learning language in the elementary classroom. >> Category: Education
  • Author Photo An Hour With an Elderly Person    By: R. Devan

    happened to get a full hour to spend with my mother after quite some days. Since we live away from each other due to work location preference, we do not meet often. This tome when we met , we shared quite some nostalgic moments. >> Category: Others
  • Author Photo Faith and Hope    By: Jose Martell

    Life is very, very hard even when we make the best decisions. We don't have to go out looking for trouble it just arrives on it's own. You can make life harder or you can make life easier. Asking God for faith and hope to believe in Him and His word makes life a little easier. >> Category: Religion
  • Author Photo I Am Flawed But Worthy!    By: Juri Sharma

    This article is based on our mental health. How we come across ourselves in our everyday life ? We can surely bring about a positive attitude, compassionate approach towards our thoughts of self doubts, self analysing, self criticizing towards positive change in our personality. >> Category: Health
  • Author Photo Boredom at Work    By: R. Devan

    An experience of a person who was forced to take a decision earliy in life and how it affected him. >> Category: Others
  • Author Photo An Hour at a Clinic    By: R. Devan

    Had to wait at a clinic for an hour when i went for consultation with a doctor. To spent time , started writing down the happenings around me . MA just sharing it with you all. >> Category: Others
  • Author Photo Life is All About Living --a Few Factors Focussed    By: R. Devan

    Thanks to the inspiration of this forum , am able to discuss a lot of issues with my friend and am presenting them here for the readers to discuss and take forward and thereby have a wonderful life. >> Category: Others
  • Author Photo Living Aloof Amidst Technology    By: R. Devan

    We all look forward to change in this rapid race of living in this world. So we friends discussed and enacted this situation. >> Category: Others
  • Author Photo Understanding the Present Trend of Living    By: R. Devan

    Was trying to take a break from my fast routine . Try to make a myself stand away from this world and watch the way things are moving. >> Category: Others
  • Author Photo The Communication Age From Pager to Note    By: R. Devan

    the technology advancement in the last decade in different areas has benn really rapid and we here try to have a overall view of change in the communication world. >> Category: Others
  • Author Photo Article W Riting - an Analysis    By: R. Devan

    Time spending is an art. The best way of spending our leisure time is to recollect our events of recent occurrence and put them down on paper or computer , so that we can go back and read them and relive our past and also prepare ourselves for the future. >> Category: Others
  • Author Photo POEM: RULE    By: Jacintha Morris

    People eagerly cast their votes, anticipating a good governance by the elected leaders. Often the votes are cast not for the ones with caliber rather for the party with whom one is affiliated to , often leading to decent in rule. There are many who are not one bit biased but want a impartial and authentic transparent rule. Through this poem the crave for such flawless rule is highlighted. >> Category: Others
  • Author Photo Jesus is Alive, Alive, Alive, Alive    By: Jose Martell

    I would have very little use for a dead God who could not speak for himself. Even faith has to have a manifestation. >> Category: Religion
  • Author Photo Disposal of Waste -an Environmental Issue    By: R. Devan

    The more technology has developed , the power of consumption has gone high. That in turn has led to a lot of waste , particularly in the densely populated cities. >> Category: Others
  • Author Photo Asthma - a Personal Experience    By: R. Devan

    Asthma . We hear of this word quite often. Some of us may be even experiencing it. A view of the symptoms, possible reasons for the attack and the remedies as envisaged by me are enumerated. >> Category: Others
  • Author Photo Interview and Job a Perspective    By: R. Devan

    This is based on real life experience shared by a group of friends who had just completed graduation and looking for jobs. >> Category: Others
  • Author Photo Many, Many, Gods.    By: Jose Martell

    There are millions of gods all promising something and billions of people seeking all these gods. But for me their is but one God the Father and one Lord Jesus Christ. >> Category: Religion
  • Author Photo An Hour at a Bus Stand    By: R. Devan

    An hour was spent by Ramesh at a busy bus stop in a metro. How he could finally get a bus for his destination and the narrative of the plight of the people waiting at the bus stop is detailed . >> Category: Others
  • Author Photo The Heavenly Man    By: Jose Martell

    Jesus Christ died for humanity, John the Baptist died for Jesus, and all but one of the early apostle died for the church. In North Korea, Vietnam, China, and many other places Christians are tortured for there faith on a daily bases. But in the west Christianity has become the new fad religion promising material wealth and entertainment. I don't see that in the bible. >> Category: Religion
  • Author Photo Writing a Hobby and Pleasure    By: R. Devan

    Writing is an art and any person who can encourage you to write is to be thanked for , since he helps you to bring out your thoughts and share it with others. >> Category: Others
  • Author Photo Understanding Sex    By: R. Devan

    THE author expresses his opinions about sex and importance of understanding its impact on society >> Category: NoAd
  • Author Photo God a View by the Author    By: R. Devan

    There has been a lot of discussions about life , particularly in the light of happenings in the world viz terrorism , natural calamities , misutilisation of science and technology etc. Where or what is the role of god in the present circumstances . An opinion of the author based on his experiences and his collection of opinions from his circle of friends and relatives and neighbours follows. >> Category: Others
  • Author Photo Lethargy an Issue    By: R. Devan

    lethargy or laziness is something which in the present , is a factor to be reckoned with irrespective of the age group. >> Category: Others
  • Author Photo Life a New Meaning    By: R. Devan

    based on the experiences in life, trying to give a view of life past present and future for the readers to read relish and cherish >> Category: Others
  • Author Photo POEM: A PLEA    By: Jacintha Morris

    The biggest problem faced by the writers is their liberty to write what they feel like. The situation is very crucial when it relates to a female writer. In such a country like India, the Lakshmana Rekha drawn for a women , with emotional black mailing and family set up either makes her a writer in maze , or as someone who writes with most of the relevant factors concealed. This is pitiable >> Category: Writing
  • Author Photo POEM: ABUSE    By: Jacintha Morris

    The Social Media supposed to work for the unity integrity and peace of the nation, country and the world often thrives to be dangerous, disgusting and destructive. writers have lost their sense while working for social media especially those with the online writing. by the impulsive hasty fill up of columns, journalist fail to trace the real artist and oten murder them. The poem abuse is a wail >> Category: Writing
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