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  • Author Photo A Simple Message, a Simple Truth    By: Jose Martell

    The message of salvation is a very simple message. Jesus Christ the Son of God died on a cross in order to wash away our sins because we could not do it. He took our sins upon himself in order to set us free. All we have to do is believe it and turn to God and we well be born again. That simple. >> Category: Religion
  • Author Photo Understanding of the World    By: R. Devan

    sharing my thoughts on the way the people in the universe live >> Category: Others
  • Author Photo Having the Right Attitude    By: kishore thampi

    So we need to be very careful in the stream of thoughts that goes into our mind because what we encourage and feed the same will be nurtured by our subconscious mind. If we feed only negativity, then what comes out is no way going to be positive >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Author Photo The Run, the Old Man and Me !    By: kishore thampi

    It started well. I ran the initial 3 Kms humming the 'Chariots of Fire' signature tune, smiling and egging people on like a true HR practitioner. But soon afterwards I was left alone, except for a very old man who was behind me by a few 100 metres. >> Category: Others
  • Author Photo Ayahuasca I Come !    By: kishore thampi

    Ayahuasca is a strong foul tasting hallucinogenic brew from the Amazon forests used by the Shamans of South America for healing, personal growth and expanding their consciousness >> Category: Others
  • No Photo Peet Junior High: A Profile of a Great School.    By: Timothy G. Weih

    This article presents an overview of programs and practices at Peet Junior High that have demonstrated success in helping students both academically and emotionally. >> Category: Education
  • Author Photo The Essence of Team Work    By: kishore thampi

    Successful team building in the workplace often translates into success for everyone. It is not difficult and does not require anyone to go out of their way or do anything extraordinary as a common man. We just need to have that positive attitude and respect for each others emotion to propitiate the spirit of team work amidst our staff. >> Category: Management
  • Author Photo The Monster Lives Here    By: Jose Martell

    The fox is in the hen house living with the hens. The owner of the hen house has agreed with the fox to allow him to live there if the owner can have some eggs once in a while. >> Category: Politics
  • Author Photo World War Three    By: Jose Martell

    Two kingdoms are at war. One is the kingdom of God and the other is the kingdom of man. Disaster after disaster have been taking place all over the planet, but humanity is to proud to believe it is because they are a wicked lot that this is all taking place. >> Category: Religion
  • No Photo Water World    By: Bob Ticer

    Water is most essential for countering climate change. >> Category: Politics
  • No Photo Peet Junior High: The Secret of a Great School.    By: Timothy G. Weih

    Schools can try many different programs aimed at improving the education and behavior of students, but few of these programs will succeed without the secret ingredients. Peet Junior High is a school that knows what these secret ingredients are, and most, if not all, the administrators, faculty, and staff add these ingredients every day. >> Category: Education
  • Author Photo A General Disussion    By: R. Devan

    a narrative on the matter discussed with a friend which made an impact on me and am sharing the same with you all. >> Category: Others
  • Author Photo A Narrative on Animals and Birds    By: R. Devan

    a day well spent with birds being shared for your views and enjoyment of reading >> Category: Others
  • No Photo A Big Bang Debate    By: Bob Ticer

    This is an argument in favor of Tired Light instead of Big Bang. Evidence now favors Tired Light and it also provides a viable explanation for the cause of gravity. >> Category: Others
  • Author Photo Another Day    By: R. Devan

    the author shares his experiences of a morning which made his day. >> Category: Others
  • Author Photo Life is Boring    By: R. Devan

    author shares his view about life based on his experience and sharing with others >> Category: Others
  • Author Photo Water an Analysis    By: R. Devan

    water an essential commodity is getting scarce. an analysis of the utilisation effectively of available water >> Category: Others
  • Author Photo Human Life an Analysis    By: R. Devan

    a first article in the series of articles on human life >> Category: Others
  • No Photo How to Achieve Goal in Life    By: tanusri bose

    There are so many things to achieve in life. everybody wants sucess it will happen in every step of life lets see what is the difference and the to do list to achieve our goal. >> Category: Self-Improvement

  • Author Photo INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS ETHICS    By: raghu yadaganti

    introduction of ethics >> Category: Management
  • No Photo The Hero and the Villain: The Booing of Justin Gatlin    By: Alex Gordon

    The booing of Justin Gatlin has been applauded, condemned and examined by the BBC and social media. Justin Gatlin must have seen it coming. >> Category: Sports
  • Author Photo The Pride of Life    By: Jose Martell

    You cannot believe you are born again without measuring yourself against the Word of God which is the bible. It is so easy just try reading it. >> Category: Religion
  • Author Photo Picky Eating: is It a Behaviour Or Disorder?    By: Juri Sharma

    This write up is about an insight of picky eating which is both prevalent in children as well as in adult. Previously not taken seriously or still not considered as one disorder, it has tried to touch on all possible causes and remedy of this very common issue. >> Category: Health
  • Author Photo The Atheist    By: Jose Martell

    World wide their are very few real atheist. Most of the people on this earth believe in some type of god even if he is from the pit and not from above. There are many more that believe in God but not in the Lordship of Jesus Christ, this is the spirit of the Antichrist. 1 John 4:3 >> Category: Religion
  • No Photo A Link Between Motivation and a Reward System of an Organization    By: Calvin Price

    This article is all about how a person can be motivated by his or her company in many ways. The article is a part of my research conducted to give a better idea of a strong reward system. I am writing this article after a long gap to understand how you viewers take such a topic in a negative or positive way. This is just a small part of my understanding so please abide by me and my article. >> Category: Management
  • Author Photo Lost in Translation    By: kishore thampi

    As I was storming out of the room, I saw a picture kept on the TV stand. It was a picture of me with two other men. They were hugging me and I had a bright smile on my face. I picked it up and looked at it for what seemed like eternity. Flashes of memory came rushing to me. >> Category: Others
  • Author Photo The Placebo Effect    By: kishore thampi

    Kindness acts as good as a pill and the people who exude such wonderful behavioral traits often act as effective 'placebos' in their work arena. They create a ripple effect, transforming the work environment into wonderful little heavens, something elusive in a typical organizational framework. >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Author Photo Are True Leaders Born?    By: kishore thampi

    Decidedly the organizational framework plays a huge role in the identification and development of select individuals as leaders. There should be some criteria to sieve and filter people to get the ones with the right attitude for the leadership job. Many organizations have now started recruiting individuals with right attitude and developing a skill in them rather than the other way round >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Author Photo Human Mind an Analysis    By: R. Devan

    human mind is something which even after so many centuries we are still trying to comprehend fully. Author shares his thoughts on this. >> Category: Others
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